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LSIS Racing Series

Below is the LSIS scedule for 2011 check with each club for details.

race #1 Lagoon City June 4-2011

race #2 Lagoon City June 5-2011

race #3 KBYC Barrie June 25-2011

race #4 CBYC Cook Bay June 26-2011

race #5 BYC Overnight August 6-2011

race #6 BYC Barrie September 3-2011

race #7 BYC to Hawkstone September 4-2011

race #8 Hawkstone September 5-2011

race #10 Sail Georgina September 17-2011

race #11 Sail Georgina September 18-2011

LSIS awards night at BYC  Oct 2-2011


  LSIS or the Lake Simcoe Interclub Series is a number of races about 1 per month (when the water is not hard) at various yacht clubs around Lake Simcoe. It normally starts on Friday night when the boats arrive at the host club; there may be some type of meal or event planned. On the Saturday morning a breakfast, skippers meeting and the races begin.

  There are usually some around the cans races and a long distance race followed by a BBQ or some other type of dinner plans.  Then the fun begins lots of theories about tactics choices and of course big sail tales and great fun for everyone. You will meet old friends and make new ones you will learn many new things, some things you may want to forget. But overall you will have a very enjoyable weekend so come on out to the events!