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Scam Alert!

When advertising your boat for sale on the internet beware of the following scam…

The basic scam starts with a reply to your advertisement in bad English saying the price of the boat is good but they would like to know general condition and if anything is in need of repair. They will then ask for your address so they can send you a “certified” check for the full amount plus shipping. This is where they get your money. After the check has been sent you will get an e-mail saying that the shipping company cannot do the move or another reason requiring you to return funds. Then they will ask you to send the money for shipping by western union (or other secure money transfer) to a different shipping company after you have deposited the check into your account.

You get the check, deposit it into your account, send the money then find out in a few days that the “certified check” you received is a fake. The “shipping money “is now gone to the scammer and the address/contact information does not exist.

If a person buying your boat does not want to look at it, agrees to the price too quickly or it seems too good to be true, be very wary. A simple check is to put the address into Google earth or other address finder. The pictures from Google may show some interesting empty lots or famous buildings.

There are many variations on this scam.
Go to phonebusters for a complete list of scams and how they work.