Learning How To Sail – Terminology

Thinking about starting learning how to sail and Sailing off into the Sunset? Then please read on! You are probably like many people, you would love to sail, but do not know the first thing about sailing and where to start.

Well to help you through the first basic approaches to learning to sail, this article lists out just some of the areas you will need to consider when learning this great sport, giving you the confidence to go forward.

Because this is brand new terminology, you will need to get the answers to your every question, doubt, and concerns, about the right way to get started. Listed below are just some sub headings that you should consider finding detailed information on:

- Understand basic sailing terminology.

- How a sailing boat actually works.
- How to maneuver, moor and anchor a sailing boat.
- Understand the different types of sailing boat.
- What are charts used for?
- How to navigate.
- What are and where to go to obtain your sailing qualifications?
- Which sailing school suites you and your budget?
- Correspondence Courses.
- Safety and rules of the road.
- Chartering or Owning a sailing boat.
- What’s VHF?
- Understanding Tidal Flows.
- Why is Meteorology so important?
- Cruiser or Racing, what’s for me?
- And much more.

If you are serious about learning this great sport, and lets not forget for some of you it might turn out to become a new career. then the correct route is important for you to follow.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) based in the UK has just published its 2009 sail cruising courses. The first in the list is “Start Yachting” no pre-course experience or knowledge is required, the course content is; Steering a yacht, sail handling, rope work, and safety on board, the course duration is 2 days.

The second on the list is “Competent Crew” again, no pre-course or knowledge or experience is required, the course content is; Basic seamanship and helmsmanship and the course duration is 5 days.

All the course beyond that, do ask for previous experience and knowledge, so being to able to pick up the sailing terminology as part of the learn to sail process would be a great start.
I hope this helps in getting you involved with “Learning How to Sail” what is one of the Best Sports in the World.

Happy Sailing.

Clive Peterson


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